Fortinet joins Equinix Cloud Exchange

Fortinet joins Equinix Cloud Exchange
Fortinet has announced that it has formed an alliance with Equinix, Inc., joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange  to provide enterprises and service providers the most mature, scalable and reliable security solutions across multiple cloud architectures. Fortinet’s industry-leading, high- capacity firewall technologies deliver exceptional security functionality, throughput and ultra-low latency, enabling security, flexibility, scalability and manageability across customer data centers, while leveraging the benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).Chris Sharp, Vice-President of Cloud Innovation, Equinix, said, “As businesses move more and more sensitive data to cloud infrastructures, the addition of Fortinet’s proven, carrier-class solutions to our Cloud Exchange will enable large global customers to deploy a robust virtualized security infrastructure without compromising performance.”

The Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds and networks inside Equinix IBX data centers. By bringing together cloud service providers with enterprises and enabling them to establish private, high-performance connections, the Equinix Cloud Exchange gives cloud users direct access to the services they need to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions……See More

Fortinet strengthens Its Cloud Security Offerings

Fortinet strengthens Its Cloud Security Offerings


As organizations continue to migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud, secure access to sensitive data and application workloads remains critically important, Fortinet(NASDAQ:FTNT) has announced support for secure access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With immediate effect, customers can benefit from a secure virtual private network (VPN) access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering while leveraging Fortinet’s broad and multi-layered security technologies across network, application and content security.

“Microsoft Azure’s cloud scalability, performance and economic benefits make it a convincing choice for customers wanting to leverage the cloud while continuing to use existing on-premises infrastructure. These customers require secure VPN access from office and branch networks to the cloud, and Fortinet’s next-generation firewall platforms extend on-premises data centers to the cloud while enabling security,” saidVenkat Gattamneni, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft.

All Fortinet FortiGate security appliances offer full support for VPN access to the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network service, allowing organizations to quickly and easily create secure VPN tunnels linking on-premise networks and cloud environments. In addition, all FortiGate appliances uniquely deliver centralized management of virtualized and physical infrastructures through a “single-pane-of-glass” approach to management.

“As we work with customers to extend on-premises infrastructure to the cloud using Microsoft Azure, we need to ensure both a high level of security and seamless data access across multiple environments,” said Michael Xie, Founder, CTO & President, Fortinet.

By adding support for Microsoft Azure on top of its existing support for Windows Server……See More

Jitendra Ghughal, National Channel Manager, India & SAARC, Fortinet


Jitendra Ghughal
National Channel Manager, India & SAARC, Fortinet

This year partners can look forward to grow their Fortinet business in the face of new opportunities in Wireless, NGFW, Web Application Security, DDoS prevention and Sandboxing…..See More

Fortinet is a 100% channel company

Fortinet’s India team is easily accessible to address partners’ needs like customer account mapping, resource connection for large deals and marketing support.

The industry has a witness to the fact that when it comes to channel model, since its foray into the security space, Fortinet makes a different proposition. The company’s success in India, which is one of the most happening places for this security firm, is attributed to a great measure to its channel partners. 

“Fortinet is a 100 percent channel company” says Rajesh Maurya, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Fortinet. Never in favour of overloading the channel, Fortinet believes in having selective channels. 

“Currently we are consolidating our strong channel base of 400+ registered partners and at the same time we are open to new partner engagements,” says Rajesh. 

Elaborating on the channel model, Rajesh says, “We have formed a Partner Advisory Council consisting 13 key partners who have in-depth understanding of security business and our aim is to consistently take their views and implement their feedbacks on GTM strategy, channel policies and program.” 

Fortinet’s India team is easily accessible to address partners’ needs like customer account mapping, resource connection for large deals and marketing support. “We also have dedicated channel account managers in all regions to support partners,” Rajesh firms up. 

Training and Support

Proper training of the channel partners receives high priority in the Fortinet’s scheme of things. “The contribution from the channel in supporting our growth is paramount and we have ensured that our partners get the required support in terms of technical expertise along with sales and marketing benefits to grow their business,” says Rajesh. 

Extending all required support to partners to expand its business to new regions, new markets and adding new customers is the company’s priority to help the company maintain its growth momentum. “We will continue to support our channel partners, stay invested in research and development, and devise better strategies to add value to our partners and provide competitive security solutions to increase our market share.”

Customer retention with timely renewals and solution upgrades is another key area where Fortinet will be closely working with its partners.

Meeting the Customers’ demand

Fortinet is working on getting more certified partners to help them provide better support to customers and also learn about its new technology product offering. Certification will also help them come out of being box pushers or competing on price to start a value chain with technology specialization. Being a solution specialist in the long run will help them sustain and grow their business to more regions and technologies.

“We have implemented a comprehensive deal registration program which is integrated with our platform. This has made the entire process from deal identification, to approval or rejection, to price clearances very transparent.”

Fortinet will also be organizing quarterly sales session to provide partners updates on markets, business opportunities, products, incentive programs and will help us improve relationships with partners.

The Fortinet offers an array a product lines that are designed to offer network protection services across the board. “One of the interesting trends we have seen is a demand from enterprises to opt for a single vendor to manage the firewall environments, rather than multiple vendors. Globally and in India, we are seeing several enterprises overhauling their perimeter and WAN security systems to move towards a single vendor. The main reason for this is that customers expect cost and operational efficiency in managing their security infrastructure,” elaborates Rajesh.

Security buyers are also seeking products that can provide a combination of firewall options such as NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), UTM, virtual and statefull firewalls to meet a wide range of enterprise needs from data centers to branch offices. 

These solutions protect enterprises against multi-vector attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated and plentiful. In particular, there is a need for specialized web application firewalls with the growth of web applications. .

This is the year partners can look forward to grow their Fortinet business in the face of new opportunities in Wireless, NGFW, Web Application Security, DDoS prevention and Sandboxing. “More importantly partners can look forward to earn better profit margins,” says Rajesh. 

As more enterprises embrace BYOD (Bring-your-own-Device), a clear opportunity has emerged for an end-to-end security provider like Fortinet to take a larger slice of the wireless pie. Fortinet offers strong value proposition in wireless LAN security through its range of FortiGate, FortiWifi and FortiAP product lines. “We are currently expanding our wireless partner base as a part of our strategy to increase our share in the Wireless Appliance market in India.”

NEC selects Fortinet for securing Its Cloud Platform

NEC selects Fortinet for securing Its Cloud PlatformAs per the latest announcement made byFortinet(NASDAQ:FTNT), the company’s FortiGate network security platform has been selected by NEC as the next-generation firewall for its MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation cloud platform software. The NEC software, announced in May, supports automatic configuration, deployment and operation of cloud (Infrastructure-as-a- Service) environments within enterprise and service provider data centers. While the platform is initially geared for the Japanese market, NEC plans to expand sales to additional markets, including North America, Europe and Asia.

The MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation software is the first cloud platform software to utilize software-defined networking (SDN), which automates cloud operations through OpenFlow, the communications protocol that gives access to the forwarding plane of a network switch or router over the network. The software is linked to the company’s Programmable Flow Controller PF6800 and enables centralized control of virtual servers and virtual networks. NEC’s cloud platform makes it possible to automate operations for changing network settings arising from virtual server retrieval requests from users, a process that has up until now been time consuming for server administrators.

“We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Fortinet to our new secured cloud platform. The customer feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive. By combining our strength in cloud platform development with Fortinet’s strength in network security innovation, we believe we are perfectly positioned to offer our customers a secure software defined cloud platform that offers high levels of reliability, usability and simplified operability,” said Akinori Itou, General Manager, System Software Division, NEC.

“Software defined networking is more than a buzzword. It is a reality. But the question on minds today is how to secure them. We believe we have found an answer with our collaboration with NEC. With their MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation software, we are able to automatically route all of a customer’s internal and perimeter traffic through our next-generation firewalls, which greatly improves the customer’s security……See More

Fortinet partners with VMware to deliver Advanced Security Services

Fortinet partners with VMware to deliver Advanced Security Services

Intending to secure traffic traversing virtual networks at the hypervisor level, Fortinet(NASDAQ:FTNT) has announced a proof of concept. With this approach, the security enforcement point is no longer required to be directly in the flow of traffic on the physical network and allows for injecting security controls before the traffic traverses the virtual network layer.

Specifically, the proof of concept will show secured traffic flow in a VMware virtualized network environment that highlights security policy enforcement of communication across and between physical and logical workloads. This proof of concept will debut at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, FROM August 25–29 in Fortinet’s booth (#642).

“Historically, security controls were required to be directly in the path of affected communication flow. Our VMware integration allows for a much less intrusive design and enables dynamic policy control. Today’s demonstration enhances our already mature unified threat management VM product line and gives our customers yet another choice regarding how they want to deploy security for cloud and software defined data center architectures. As customers begin to virtualize the cloud network with the new VMware NSX network virtualization platform, we will provide holistic security across virtual and physical infrastructures,” said Elie Bitton, Senior Director, Product Management – Virtualization and Management, Fortinet.

VMware NSX will virtualize the network and provide a platform for logical security and network services……See More

Fortinet expands Its International Partner Programme

Fortinet expands Its International Partner Programme

Fortinet(NASDAQ:FTNT) has announced expansion of its Partner Programme for the EMEA and APAC regions. The new version of the FortiPartner Programme (FPP) is designed to further align with Fortinet’s business strategy in providing end-to-end network security solutions and recognize investment made by its channel in skilled sales and technical resources, through adapted benefits in the areas of sales, marketing and training.

“Fortinet is now recognized as one of the few top worldwide network security players. The contribution of our channel in supporting our growth is paramount and we must constantly ensure that our partner programme is in line with their needs in terms of technical expertise, business support as well as sales and marketing benefits. The new version of our FortiPartner Programme proves that Fortinet continues to evolve with its partners by maintaining a structured, best-in-class channel ecosystem, in which resellers get rewarded on their investment in our brand, technology and products,” saidJitendra Ghughal, National Channel Manager India & SAARC, Fortinet.

The new FortiPartner Programme includes the key elements like Technology Specializations – New FortiWireless Specialization, Partner Teams Training – New Online Sales Training and Four-Tiered Programme for Resellers – New Bronze + Level…….See More