IDC recognized HP for its Mobile App Services

IDC recognized HP for its Mobile App Services


HP(NYSE:HPQ) has announced that IDC has named it a leader in the “MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Application Development, Testing, Management and Infrastructure (mADTMI) Services 2014 Vendor Assessment for its Mobile Applications Services”.

Following an evaluation of 14 companies against 117 criteria, HP was recognized in the leader category in part for its capabilities in research and development (R&D), financial management and functionality delivered.  The report states, “HP’s capabilities and forward-looking strategy positioned the service provider as a leader in the mADTMI services IDC MarketScape.”

“Our goal is to enable customers on their journey to becoming a mobile enterprise centred on their users – offering mobile devices, infrastructure, networks, apps and service. At HP, mobility is a top priority, and our entrance as a leader into IDC’s MarketScape report is further confirmation that HP’s mobile applications services are highly innovative,” said Marshal Correia, Vice-President & General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India.

The latest announcement highlights HP’s commitment to meet customers’ demands, expectations and goals for mobile applications services. Through these services, HP delivers a full suite of mobile applications services to help the customer envision, plan, architect, design, build, integrate…….See More

HP brings new Cloud-based Analytics as a service to Big Data Platform

HP brings new Cloud-based Analytics as a service to Big Data Platform

To help clients solve business problems and create new market opportunities,HP(NYSE:HPQ) has announced new cloud-based analytics as a service built onHP’s HAVEn Big Data analytics platform. By leveraging HP HAVEn, clients will be able to analyze and derive value from their information, such as increase sales with targeted client offerings, improve supply chain performance, detect fraud or discover security risks.

HP HAVEn, as part of Big Data Discovery Experience, has the potential to enable clients to not only evaluate business problems, but also quickly find solutions and implement them. HP Enterprise Services delivers end-to-end Big Data and Analytics solutions to make information actionable for clients in the key domains and industries.

Harnessing the value of information is a top priority for our clients and a Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry. HP Enterprise Services has leveraged HP HAVEn’s unified approach to Big Data to provide a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems,” said Marshal Correia, Vice-President & General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India.

HP HAVEn enables organizations to create next-generation applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data.

As one of the first adopters of the HP HAVEn platform, HP Enterprise Services deployed HAVEn as part of its Big Data Discovery Experience as-a-Service offering, which allows customers to test drive and determine the value of their new use cases and “big data” data sets prior to making large capital investments. As part of the HP Big Data Discovery Experience, clients have been able to quickly introduce challenges…….See More

HP announces New Analytics Services for APAC

HP reinforces Big Data to drive Profitability in Business

Currently, many organizations are missing opportunities for customer interaction as they lack the tools and expertise needed to identify the hidden value within their Big Data. As a result, HP Enterprise Services(NYSE:HPQ) has announced a new suite of smarter analytic services that will enable enterprises to derive value and insights from Big Data. This will further lead towards improving customer engagement and enabling organizations to drive revenue growth.

The new HP Actionable Analytics Services which are an expansion of HP’s Information Management and Analytic Services will enable clients to implement analytics to impact their top line and streamline key business processes such as customer offers, procurement, supply chain and inventory operations.

HP Actionable Analytics Services combine innovative technologies from HP Labs, HP Autonomy and HP Vertica with HP’s experienced analytics professionals and data scientists.The new analytic services will also help to improve operational efficiency in field sales and service organizations with HP Field Force Optimization Services, by identifying challenges in field operations and developing systematic, evidence-based management solutions that pinpoint ways to increase efficiency and optimize coverage as well as target setting.

Marshal Correia, Vice-President & General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India, said, “The proliferation of Big Data has left many organizations sitting on a wealth of information. Yet, few use the data to its full potential to support their goals. With HP Actionable Analytics Services, organizations can target the key business functions of inventory, procurement, field force and sales offers with the necessary insights in real time to drive profitability both today and in the future……See More

HP rolls out Big Data Solutions for Indian Telcos

HP rolls out Big Data Solutions for Indian Telcos

In order to manage, understand and work with big data, HP(NYSE) Enterprise Services has reportedly introduced new telco big data and analytics solutions for communications service providers (CSPs).

HP’s new portfolios of offerings include HP Smart Profile Server and HP Actionable Experience Management system.

HP Smart Profile Server will reportedly facilitate evaluation of vast amounts of data collected daily by networks and will use its insight to deliver new targeted offerings for subscribers. Besides this, it will also lay the analytics foundation for HP Actionable Experience Management and HP Ad Personalization…..See More

HP Transformation Services unveiled

HP Transformation Services unveiled 

HP has announced new services designed to help clients enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue by optimizing the operating efficiency of their contact centers.


With HP Transformation Services – Customer Engagement Management (CEM), HP can assist clients in their efforts to enhance their bottom line by increasing revenue per transaction as calculated by contacts handled, products sold or revenue earned per agent. Additionally, clients can benefit from increasing the percentage of calls where higher-margin “add-on” features are offered to, and purchased by, the customer.


“Contact centres must transform to meet the needs of customers who expect a personalized and customized experience. HP consultants help drive this transformation based on our deep heritage of contact-centre operations, industry experience and global presence, assisting clients so that they can increase revenues and customer satisfaction,” said Marshal Correia, Vice-President & General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India.

HP expands Enterprise Cloud Services

HP expands Enterprise Cloud Services

HP Enterprise Services has expanded its Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio of offerings with solutions for private clouds, continuity and unified communications that deliver greater IT flexibility and enterprise agility for clients.

Strengthening the capabilities of Enterprise Cloud Services – Messaging and Collaboration, the new capabilities enhance user experience with voice and video features that enrich employee interactions. The services improve operations while reducing expenditures on traditional telecom services like long distance and conferencing.

“Organizations need to optimize IT environments while improving security, agility and flexibility. HP’s complete family of cloud services allows clients to leverage their current infrastructure investments while immediately taking advantage of the benefits delivered by the cloud without unnecessary disruption to their integrated operations,” said Marshal Correia, Director, Enterprise Services, HP India.

HP covers Insurance Providers

HP covers Insurance Providers

HP has announced enhancements to its life, health and annuity policy administration systems, enabling insurance providers to improve agility, mitigate risk and accelerate delivery of new products.

The insurance industry continues to evolve and expand as a result of dynamic customer and regulatory demands. Rigid legacy infrastructures can hamper an enterprise’s ability to keep pace with these demands, and to deliver always-on service to customers, partners and employees.

HP has enhanced the RADIENCE Administration and INGENIUM systems to support the critical role agility plays in today’s Instant-On Enterprise. In an age of “instant” expectations, businesses and governments need to have the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing business and citizen needs.

“Insurance providers are seeking competitive advantage both in mature markets and in new, developing markets. HP offers the hardware, software and services needed to create that competitive advantage by fostering innovation and accelerating responsiveness in this 24/7 world,” said Marshal Correia, Director, Enterprise Services, HP India.

HP RADIENCE Administration has the enhanced functionality and design capabilities of which enable insurers to introduce unique products to the market while reducing implementation time frames, costs and overall project risks, whereas HP INGENIUM is a high-performance, web-enabled global life, health and annuity policy administration system that enables insurance companies to reduce the risk of systems implementation.

Therefore, HP RADIENCE and INGENIUM are available worldwide.