Month: March 2011

Symantec and VIP bring authentication credentials to iPad

Symantec and VIP bring authentication credentials to iPad

Symantec’s VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile credential for the iPad is now available on the App Store. The VIP Access for Mobile app adds a dynamic one-time-password (OTP) credential to the iPad that can be used in conjunction with a username and password to strengthen the security of online accounts protected by the VIP Authentication Service. iPad users can now benefit from the added layer of security provided by VIP Access for Mobile for iPad.


“The rapid adoption of mobile devices like the revolutionary iPad has created a greater need for stronger online identity protection,” said Suhas Prakashkumar, Director, Development, Symantec. “Our VIP Access for Mobile app for the iPad provides business and consumer users with a cost-effective way to strengthen their online experience by adding another layer of security to protect against identity thieves and fraudsters.”

The VIP Access for Mobile application transforms more than 700 different types of mobile devices into VIP credentials for strong authentication. Strong authentication works by requiring each user to provide not just a username and password but also a unique, one-time use six-digit security code generated by a user’s VIP authentication credential. With the new credential, iPad users can enjoy strong authentication at more than 750 websites that are part of the VIP Network.



Kenexa in partnership with InspireOne to increase leadership talent pool

Kenexa has announced its strategic partnership with InspireOne. The partnership expands Kenexa’s leadership development capabilities in the region. InspireOne’s organizational training and HR consulting solutions range from leadership development to talent management, organizational change, Diversity and Inclusion, productivity enhancement and many others.


“Kenexa’s partnership with InspireOne further expands our expertise and leadership position in India,” stated Phil Braybrooke, international business development director for Kenexa. “We have joined forces with some of the most experienced consultants and researchers to create an even stronger leadership development, management training and executive coaching team. Our newly combined solutions enhance our ability to offer our global clients a significantly broader range of leadership services.”


Using a wide range of methods and tools, Kenexa assesses a company’s current leadership, benchmarks their leaders against a global database, and helps companies understand how to inspire and engage leaders to enhance overall business performance. Kenexa’s leadership model identifies the qualities leaders need to succeed in today’s economic climate.


Deepak Mohla, Managing Director of InspireOne, commented, “India faces a serious talent crunch in almost all sectors. Even the highly popular civil services examination for recruiting bright young bureaucrats is becoming a Herculean challenge. The entire process of talent management and organizational development is now a critical requirement for all companies to reach their business growth projections. We are pleased to partner with Kenexa, who we believe introduces world-class standards of best leadership practices and will be able to contribute significantly in creating a vibrant leadership community.”


Panasonic organises Konosuke Matsushita Exibition

Panasonic organises  Konosuke Matsushita Exibition

Panasonic has organized an exhibition on the life history of the founder of Panasonic Corporation, Konosuke Matsushita, from 25th -27th March at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai. This exhibition was aimed at displaying his path of success by propagating his ideologies and thoughts, which have been the fundamental principles of the Global Corporation since inception.

“Panasonic has emulated the dictum of the great founder Matsushita san, to grow to a large global conglomerate. The exhibition is not just the story of one individual, but propounds a life philosophy that is necessary to the new way of doing business.” said Arjun Balakrishnan, Director, Panasonic India.


Konosuke Matsushita has specified 10 lessons on Corporate Management, those one should follow to become successful. These follow:  Love your job if you wish to do it well; Do what common sense dictates; Follow the law of nature; A leader should have vision; Dreams should be shared; Management is perpetual creation; Do not assume that something is “impossible”; Transparent management fosters growth; Employ “dam management” to ensure steady growth; Bad times have their bright side.


NSN to participate in large scale China TD-LTE trial

With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has become one of the first telecommunications equipment vendors to participate in the large-scale TD-LTE trial with China Mobile. Nokia Siemens Networks will offer its commercial 2.3GHz/2.6GHz TD-LTE equipment, professional services and management software to conduct the major field trial in Hangzhou. Nokia Siemens Networks has already completed both 2.3 and 2.6GHz outdoor, and 2.3GHz indoor, single-system testing with TD-LTE. The company is one of the first global vendors to be selected for the large-scale TD-LTE field trials with China Mobile. “Nokia Siemens Networks has built a complete TD-LTE business in China, integrating procurement, production, testing and maintenance with its Hangzhou R&D Center at the center of this value chain,” said Markus Borchert, head of Greater China customer operations at Nokia Siemens Networks. “The approval by MIIT confirms our long-term support for TD-LTE and our leadership driving the global ecosystem for unpaired frequency bands.”

In addition to its market-leading Single RAN Advanced radio equipment, Nokia Siemens Networks will provide network planning and network optimization services to ensure sustained network quality and performance. Configuration, monitoring and optimization for thisproject will be based on the company’s Network Management System, NetAct.


Fiber optic platform for street cabinets

Swiss cabling specialist R&M is putting the new distribution platform for street cabinets on the market under the name Street Cabinet SCM. The platform for the street cabinets of telecommunication companies supports the fast expansion of full-coverage fiber optic networks. It broadens the Single Circuit Management (SCM) family developed by R&M and can connect up to 1152 optic fibers in one street cabinet.

With its splice and patch modules, the distribution platform fits into all conventional street cabinets and splitters on the market provided there is enough mounting space. R&M offers to adapt the mounting plates and to provide pre-terminated sets for upgrading. The UNI cabinets from the R&M range are ideal for first-time installations; all components can be assembled directly in the cabinet in next to no time. “This speeds up fiber-to-the-home projects”, R&M point out. The replacement of copper cabling with fiber optic networks can now be carried out more efficiently and profitably at every location. Subscribers can thus profit more quickly from ultra broadband Internet.

The splice module can be fitted as required with up to 48 SC or 24 SE splice trays from the Single Circuit Management range. The trays can accommodate 6 or 24 fibers. The platform therefore harmonizes with modern 24-fiber loose tube cables. At the same time, it is compatible with all other regular cable types on the market.


Anil Kumble closes Microsoft Tech.Ed 2011 on a high

Fuelling the world cup fever further, Anil Kumble came as the surprise package at Microsoft’s annual technology fair, Tech.Ed 2011. Adding to the tangible energy already pulsating at the Tech.Ed grounds, Kumble was here to deliver the closing keynote session on Friday 25, March 2011, addressing a 10,000 people audience (on-ground and online). While sharing notes on “Staying Ahead of the Game”, Kumble wasn’t talking purely cricket but reached out an enthusiastic community of young Indian techies largely consisting of developers and IT Pros and software architects.


Addressing this enthusiastic audience, Kumble said, “It takes more than individual talent and skills to succeed. Being able to understand and manage the environment one operates in is as important. Also, consistency of performance without taking eyes off the ball is required. Just because you have had some good games, you cannot get complacent and take things for granted.  There is a lot to learn from Microsoft which has consistently performed and keeps pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.”


However, this year at Tech.Ed 2011, Anil Kumble wasn’t the only one who kept the Tech.Ed audience enthralled. The event saw brilliant keynote speakers from Microsoft leadership team sharing their insights on the latest tools and technologies that Microsoft has recently brought to the market.


Antec sets new records

In its 25th anniversary year, Antec has announced that it has set two new world records on 3DMark06 and 3DMark03, using Antec’s renowned High Current Pro series HCP-1200 power supply to simultaneously power four high-end intensive graphics cards with a power consumption up to 1700 watts.

The world record scores of 48,096 marks on 3DMark06 with four Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards in 4-way Crossfire, and a 3DMark03 score of 233,433 marks in 4-way SLI-configuration with GeForce GTX 580 cards were achieved by Nick Shih, current world-wide leading overclocker. Both scores represent the unrivaled overclocking capabilities of Antec’s HCP-1200 PSU and how the unparalleled performance of Antec’s HCP-1200 is engineered to satisfy the needs of PC enthusiasts and overclockers for high-performance, compatibility and stability. “The High Current Pro series is positioned as the premium power supply line that provides customers with outstanding performance,” said Christoph Katzer, Director of Business Unit 2, Power Supplies, Antec. “Antec is delighted to have its HCP-1200 set not one, but two, new world records, and the successes achieved prove Antec’s continued commitment to providing top-rated products to its customers.”

Based on server and workstation technology, the High Current Pro series is crafted to withstand long hours of intense work. Reliability-boosting PSU features on the High Current Pro include all Japanese-brand capacitors and unmatched high-amperage High Current outputs that ensure graphics card compatibility. Together, these attributes provide the rock-solid stability required for cutting-edgegaming and professional systems.