Brocade invests heavily to accelerate Ethernet Fabric Adoption

Brocade invests heavily to accelerate Ethernet Fabric Adoption

Brocade has announced a number of investments, including a $100-million evaluation programme designed to enable customers in the Asia-Pacific region to quickly deploy Ethernet fabrics as the foundation for highly virtualized data centers. Brocade believes that the IT trends driving transformation in this region make it prime to adopt this fundamental technology to migrate to private, public and hybrid cloud computing architectures.

Ethernet fabric is a new category of networking technology that is purpose-built for virtualization and cloud-optimized data centers. Brocade’s Ethernet fabric solution is powered by Brocade VCS technology and available through the Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switch. In December, Brocade was the industry’s first company to deliver products to market.

“Brocade intends to compete aggressively for the virtualization and cloud computing business in Asia-Pacific because this region is so important to our company’s long-term growth strategy,” said Mike Klayko, CEO, Brocade. “We believe we have a highly differentiated offering in the Ethernet fabric space that is based on a 15-year heritage of technical innovation and experience in building the world’s most mission-critical data center networks.”

“Growing a business requires continued investment especially in a region as competitive as Asia-Pacific,” said Deb Dutta, Vice-President & General Manager of Asia-Pacific for Brocade. “These investments demonstrate how strategic we view the opportunities in this region and reflect our confidence about our ability to grow our business in core and emerging markets here.”



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