Panda Security and CPP unite to protect their Customers from Online Frauds

Panda Security and CPP unite to protect their Customers from Online Frauds

The CPP Group has signed a multinational agreement with the security firm Panda Security, whereby customers and Identity Protection Alert CPP can be protected with new security suite, Panda Internet Security 2011.

The security suite from the Spanish multinational provides real-time protection against all known and unknown malware, thanks to the protection provided by the cloud Collective Intelligence – the automatic system that detects, analyzes, classifies and disinfects. Practically in real time, more than 73,000 copies of new threats are created every day.

“This is a problem in full swing. In the U.S., there are over 25 million people with some insurance against identity theft,”said Angel de Leon, Director General of the CPP, “and victims often find that they are when it is too late. Besides being costly to resolve in time and money, is a lot of headaches so prevention is the best ally to avoid these scams. In CPP, we protect millions of customers worldwide, as an agreement with a leading multinational company like Panda is the best coda in Spain the only product that prevents, detects and fixes the problems caused by theft or fraudulent use of identity.”

According to Luis Corrons, Technical Director, Panda Labs , “Every day, we see an exponential growth of cyber threats, a natural trend that has become a dynamic market of cybercrime, as there are many cybercriminals who get juicy profits. Of the 73,000 new and daily threats received at Panda Labs, our laboratory, 70% are Trojans focussed on identity theft. Subsequent sale on the black market, or used to commit financial crimes are the most profitable activities reported in the world of cybercrime.”



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