D-Link unveils 2 port KVM Switch

D-Link unveils 2 port KVM Switch

D-Link has introduced KVM-222 – a 2 port KVM (Keyboard, Video & Mouse) switch that allows a user to control two PCs from a single keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor console. Hence if a user has 2 PC’s he need not worry about buying an additional set of Keyboard & mice, as he can now easily perform all his task/ job with this wonder device. Additionally D-Link KVM-222 comes with a audio support feature that allows the two connected PCs to share a set of speakers via. a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack. Therefore D-Link KVM-222 not only allows user to keep his precious desk space free, but also helps save additional cost.

D-Link KVM-222 utilizes advanced microprocessor emulation that allows user to boot two computer systems simultaneously without faults or keyboard errors. Auto scan, audible feedback, and hot key features make the KVM-222 extremely simple to use and manage. A convenient wired remote control button simplifies the switching process even further, allowing users to place the switch in a convenient location.


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