VIA introduces VIA AMOS-5001 Chassis Kit

VIA introduces VIA AMOS-5001 Chassis Kit

VIA Technologies has announced t VIA AMOS-5001, a specially designed chassis kit for Em-ITX form-factor boards enabling the rapid and easy assembly of a wide variety of robust fan-less embedded system designs.

Measuring just 35.2mm high and 231mm wide, the ultra-compact VIA AMOS-5001 is slim enough to fit in even the most space-constrained environment. Systems built using the VIA AMOS-5001 are also shock resistant and can withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

The VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit features a unique modular design comprised of only four mechanical parts that ensures the easy integration of VIA EITX-3001 series mainboards. An optional 2.5″ HDD storage subsystem chassis is also available.

“With the VIA AMOS-5001, we are further expanding the options we offer to embedded developers to create a wealth of unique fan-less designs using less time and fewer resources,” said Epan Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “This is in line with our broader strategy of providing a comprehensive and flexible product ecosystem that gives our customers a clear advantage in the market.”

The VIA AMOS-5001 is available now and is targeted at a wide variety of embedded segments, including medical, POI/POS, digital signage, kiosk, industrial and building automation, and gaming and surveillance applications.


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