Wipro announces SI Partnership with Wyde for Global Insurance Industry

Wipro announces SI Partnership with Wyde for Global Insurance IndustryWipro Technologies will offer system integration services to Wyde Corporation’s insurance clients and prospects worldwide under a strategic partnership.  Wyde is a leading international provider of core insurance software solutions.

The partnership will allow Wyde’s clients to leverage Wipro’s global resources.  Wipro Technologies will be the lead Systems Integrator for implementing Wyde’s “Wynsure” software, for the insurance sector.   Wipro will also set up a Wynsure Centre of Excellence in India that will be leveraged for sales initiatives, co-development programmes, training purposes and customer demonstrations. With this partnership, Wyde and Wipro are poised to address over 250 small to medium-sized insurers in the United States alone.

“Wyde’s Wynsure platform is a strong, capable platform across the spectrum of life, health, and P & C (Property and Casualty) insurers,” said Ajoy Menon, Global Head of Insurance Practice, Wipro Technologies.  “It provides Wipro a great platform to help insurers transform across the value chain.”

“This partnership gives life, health and property-casualty insurers an excellent option when implementing Wynsure,”said Didier Lamour, Wyde’s Chief Operating Officer. “As one of the biggest and best global IT service providers, Wipro is an ideal partner.”

Wynsure is a comprehensive business administration technology solution for insurance that supports group and individual life and health insurance, and personal and commercial property and casualty insurance.  Clients include insurance companies and managing general agencies of all types and sizes in the Americas, Europe and Asia.  A fully supported component-based solution, Wynsure can be configured and easily customized to meet specific insurance business needs. Featuring an open service-oriented architecture, it can be easily integrated with other systems to provide powerful business solutions. Wynsure is recognized by analysts for its flexibility and ability to be deployed quickly.


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