IBM tops 2011 India Supercomputers List

IBM tops 2011 India Supercomputers List

IBM has announced that it has emerged as the leader in the recently released India’s Top Supercomputers list for 2011, complied and published by Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC) Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Of the sixteen installations featured by SERC, IBM topped the list with six high-performance computing (HPC) installations across India. These include IBM Blue Gene Solutions at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, as well as IBM Power 6 cluster solutions at the India Meteorological Department, Delhi and the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad

SERC has been compiling and publishing the Top Supercomputers list in India since December 2008. This year, there were a total of sixteen entries in the list with minimum performance criteria over 3.11 TFlops. The combined supercomputer performance featured on the SERC list, and hence India is now about 308 TFlops. Bangalore leads the list in the number of supercomputers, followed by Chennai.

“At IBM, we deliver powerful and innovative high-performance computing solutions to meet our clients’ most challenging and complex problems. These solutions enable businesses and researchers to innovate, achieve breakthrough results and establish a sustainable competitive advantage in a Smarter Planet,” said Subram Natarajan, Executive – Deep Computing, Systems and Technology Group, IBM India/SA. “Achieving the leading SERC ranking is a clear indication of the holistic approach IBM takes towards high-performance computing. IBM is focussed on designing and delivering complete, robust technical solutions that are easy to acquire and access, environmentally responsible, competitively priced and backed by world-class support.”


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