HP delivers Cloud-based Security Services

HP delivers Cloud-based Security Services

HP Enterprise Services has launched new security services delivered through the cloud to help enterprises mitigate risk by reducing security vulnerabilities, leading to loss of private, protected information. If a security breach occurs, the affected organization may suffer damage to both its reputation and market value.

The new HP Enterprise Cloud Services includes vulnerability scanning which reduces the risk of data loss or unauthorized access by eliminating common security mistakes and vulnerability intelligence which  provides information on newly discovered potential threats that have been identified by vendors or researchers, since the last vulnerability scan took place. The new security services help clients redirect capital and operations costs towards driving innovation for future growth. HP Enterprise Cloud Services keep costs under control through flexible billing based on the amount of resources consumed, instead of the fixed-cost systems that characterize most organizations’ in-house operations.

“Today’s enterprise technology environment has never been more vulnerable, due to the daily assault of sophisticated and malicious viruses, as well as other network intrusions,” said Marshal Correia, Director, Enterprise Services, HP India. “HP provides security services to help businesses and governments recognize potential threats and take corrective actions before they can be negatively impacted.”


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