Month: July 2011

$8m iPad 2 with dinosaur bones, diamonds & gold rolled

Stuart Hughes, British designer of exclusive gadgets, encrusted an iPad 2 with diamonds, gold and shards of real dinosaur bone and has put it up for sale on his website for five million pounds ($8 million). The gadget’s rear section features two kilograms of 24-carat gold and the front frame is made from Ammolite. To make the gadget even more individual, sections of a 65-million-year-old T-Rex dinosaur thigh bone were splintered and shaved into the Ammolite. TheApple logo is encrusted with 53 flawless diamonds and a single 8.5-carat diamond decorates the “home” button. The gadget dubbed the “Gold History Edition” is of a limited edition of only two units to be made.

Hughes, and his wife Katherine, create and sell exclusive iPhones, laptops, plasma TVs and other gadgets with mind-blowing price tags.


Huawei releases LTE TDD multi-mode data card

Huawei has released LTE TDD/UMTS/GSM/CDMA multi-mode data card E392 will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2011 to LTE TDD network operators worldwide.

The Huawei E392 is a USB data card that supports LTE TDD technology. Streamlined in shape, the E392 incorporates LTE FDD technology while remaining compatible with UMTS / GSM / CDMA networks, automatically switching between different networks to ensure optimal internet connectivity. This is the world’s first multi-mode data card that supports LTE TDD / FDD / UMTS / GSM / CDMA.

The download speed of E392 is up to 100M, making it possible to download a 4GB, HD movie file in just a few minutes. This is 20 times faster than the data transmission speed of the existing 3G network, providing ultra-speed Internet surfing, high-definition video downloading and online viewing, video transmission and real-time 3D photo navigation.

iCMG organizes Architecture Excellence Awards 2011

Six Indian companies were among the 21 award winning companies who walked home with awards of excellence amidst enough fanfare at the Architecture Excellence Awards 2010 organized by iCMG.

“The idea behind “Architecture Excellence Awards” is to honor architects & enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision & workmanship, which are creating successful and enduring systems & enterprises. The international awards are awarded each year to architects and organization for significant achievements, during the “iCMG Architecture World summit. This is the second year for the awards and the response and well as awards given away have been tremendous,” said, Sunil Dutt Jha, Chief Architect & CEO, iCMG.

John Zachman, Father of Enterprise Architecture said, “Though the idea of enterprise architecture was seeded nearly 30 years back, only recently we find that there is growing acceptance and demand for this discipline. The Architecture Excellence Awards, now in its 2nd year is a great stride forward for enterprise architects with iCMG bringing international recognition for their valuable contribution to business performance. We have also instituted the “Zachman award for Enterprise Architecture” which will be awarded every year along with other architecture awards. However, this year we felt no company met the benchmark set for the award hence there are no winners in the category. Both iCMG and Zachman International will work closely to ensure that award is managed and delivered with equanimity. Hopefully, with time it should become the Oscar for the Enterprise Architects,”

Vodafone Facebook to be rolled In India soon

Vodafone’s entry level Facebook phone, already launched in the UK market, is likely to be launched in India soon. The handset, named ‘555 Blue’ presently costs US$100 (Rs. 4,500 approximately).

According industry report, this new offing from Vodafone is designed to appeal people who love social networking and messaging friends. Facebook is built into the core of the device. In this phone, phone contacts are automatically synchronised with friends’ Facebook profiles. 555 Blue has a 2.4-inch display and a QWERTY keyboard designed to make it easy to type chat, email, send texts and update your status.

The phone has been designed for the developing markets, where this device will provide the internet access as well as social networking. Indian spokesperson of Vodafone confirmed to The Mobile Indian that the company is looking at bringing this phone to the Indian market.

Indian consumers are also likely to be offered preferential data packs with this phone as in UK. It also features a dedicated Facebook ‘F’ button, which is customizable in terms of assigning tasks, such as instantly posting a status update with photos or with links from the browser. The device also updates Facebook automatically every 20 minutes. However, this feature can be customized. The 555 Blue features a fully integrated messaging service that brings SMS, MMS, email and Facebook together in one place. Photos can be uploaded to Facebook, emailed or sent via Bluetooth at the click of button. The handset was produced by Vodafone in conjunction with Chinese manufacturer TCL (which owns Alcatel brand of mobiles). Vodafone developed its own operating system to keep costs down. The chipset is provided by Taiwanese manufacture MTK. The 555 Blue uses the Opera Mini 5 web browser. The phone will have Bluetooth and EDGE (2.5G) for wireless connectivity.

WB Govt invites Microsoft

West Bengal government is trying hard to impress the IT sector to divert its attention towards the state. The state government has invited Microsoft to set up a facility in West Bengal and promised necessary “support and infrastructure” to the company.

Partha Chatterjee, the state IT Minister said, “We need to have you (Microsoft) in the State and we assure you that our Chief Minister will provide all the necessary support to help you set up a facility here.” He was speaking in a seminar on IT organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce.

Bhaskar Pramanik, Microsoft India chairman, was present on the occasion. Microsoft has a sales office in the city at present. The prominent IT players who have so far set up their facilities in the State include Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and IBM.

According to a market report, Chatterjee has asked for a report from Microsoft seeking the feasibility of cloud computing to benefit the cluster approach taken by the State government.

ECS rolls lottery for Facebook fans

Starting from 22th July, 2011, ECS welcomes all fans come back to ECS Facebook page to attend the newest lottery activity. Grab the chance to win ECS magic power motherboards, A75F-A and A75F-M which are known for outstanding graphics performance and APU supporting.

All one have to do is to become a fan of ECS Facebook page and answer 3 questions of A75 series motherboards on ECS Facebook wall. ECS will draw the lucky fans to take the outstanding motherboard home for free. Most importantly, Fans of ECS Facebook and Twitter always have the chance to attend events taken place by ECS.

ECS Black Deluxe A75F-A, A75F-M and A75F-M2 all support the latest AMD A series APU with AMD A75 chipset and AMD FM-1 socket. With native USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gb/s powered by AMD A75 chipset, ECS A75 series represents the official arrival of new age of high transmission speed, and that USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gb/s have also officially become the basic equipment for every computer.

Hitachi Data Systems brings Hitachi Dynamic Replicator

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced enhancements to its replication and data protection software suite, Hitachi Dynamic Replicator (HDR). The enhancements help large enterprises meet recovery time and recovery point objectives remotely and locally for data and applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle, in physical and virtual environments. The new HDR also extends to large enterprises to minimize business disruption by continuously collecting data changes as they occur, all while they upgrade to the latest in Hitachi storage technologies like Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP).


“Disaster recovery is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes as they strive to improve the data resilience of their operations. Specifically, large enterprises are dealing with rapid data growth that requires simplified and cost-effective data protection and replication solutions for disaster planning and operational recovery in physical and virtual environments, Hitachi Dynamic Replicator enables customers to meet these demand requirements by continuously capturing and replicating data as it changes, making the data nearly instantly available for recovery – all while being completely transparent to the file systems, applications and network.” said, Sean Moser, VP, Storage Software Product Management, Hitachi Data Systems.


Hitachi Dynamic Replicator, powered by InMage Systems, uses a unique hybrid technology to capture changes to data in real time and offers flexible recovery to any previous point in time. As one solution serving enterprise and midsize companies, it supports any vendor’s servers and storage while preserving customers’ existing investments and infrastructure.


The new HDR introduces vast clustering support required by enterprise-class environments including Oracle RAC, AIX, Linux and Solaris. HDR is the only unified product in the market that has PureSplit continuous data protection (CDP) for all major enterprise platforms, which allows data to split for replication while being transparent to the file systems and applications.