rolls its new TV Commercial

India’s e-commerce portal has introduced its TV commercial titled “India Shops Online at”. It has been produced by Cell18 under the direction of Zubin Driver. The commercial also captures the instant nature of shopping and reflects the growing stature of into the category leader. The TV Commercial is said to be the first in a series and has been produced in a 30 second format with 15 second versions to follow. It is believed that there will be more TV commercials to follow under the “India Shops Online at” theme.

Sundeep Malhotra, CEO HomeShop18 said, “This commercial is reflective of our deep focus on the e-commerce domain and is meant to accelerate the growth of the ecommerce category and of as a consequence, being the clear leader. In this commercial you will find a clear leader-like tonality and a deep association of ecommerce and, through the intelligent use of the “click” both visually and in the audio.”


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