Fortinet Threat Landscape Research released

Fortinet Threat Landscape Research released

Fortinet has released its October research findings. This month, FortiGuard Labs observed ongoing development of the new DroidKungFu malware, which has been found to have multiple variants and behaves much like malware found on today’s PCs.


Derek Manky, Sr. Security Strategist, Fortinet said, “DroidKungFu clearly represents the next evolution in mobile malware. Where earlier attempts at Android malware, such as Zeus in the Mobile (Zitmo), are able to intercept the type of two-factor authentication that banks use to validate the identity of the account holder when logging in, DroidKungFu does much more. By disguising itself as a legitimate VPN client application, the malware quickly gains root access to the device using social engineering. Once executed, DroidKungFu has the ability to download further malware, open URLs in a browser, start programs and delete files on the system.”


“Advances in antispam techniques are catching much of today’s shortened link malware. However, we’re now starting to see malicious software creators creating their own URL shortening services to circumvent the latest spam detection technology. This is yet another example of crime as a service (CaaS) that cybercriminals offer,” Manky further continued.


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