INSIDE Secure’s SecuRead NFC chips with iCLASS Support

INSIDE Secure's SecuRead NFC chips with iCLASS Support

INSIDE Secure has announced that its SecuRead NFC solution is securing and powering the HID Global iCLASS digital keys and mobile secure identity feature available on multiple new NFC-enabled smartphones.


“Last year we announced our commitment to bring market-leading iCLASS access control and identity credentials to NFC mobile phones by building this capability into all of our NFC solutions, and now we are seeing the first results of this partnership. Multiple smartphone manufacturers have the opportunity to incorporate this technology into their next-generation NFC mobile devices, and INSIDE will continue to add value to its NFC solutions through additional functionality to serve the needs of the market,” said Didier Serra, executive vice president and general manager, U.S., INSIDE Secure.


“There is a tremendous opportunity for NFC and iCLASS virtual credentials to transform not only the corporate mobile phone but also more consumer-oriented applications. Through our close relationship with INSIDE Secure, we will continue to seek ways to securely add new levels of convenience and flexibility to enable new application features and bring the power of iCLASS credentials to more mobile devices,” said Dr. Tam Hulusi, senior vice president, HID Global.


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