Trend Micro’s SMB Security Solutions tops “Real-World” Threat Protection Tests

Trend Micro's SMB Security Solutions tops

Trend Micro has taken the top spot in real-world threat protection with its Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, which outperformed all other SMB security products in both reliability and depth of protection. As measured by independent test labs, the Trend Micro security solution, engineered for small and mid-size business IT environments, leads the industry in overall protection against web threats.


Trend Micro subjects its solutions to real-world tests that measure total protection provided by security products. In real-world tests, all attack samples are sourced live from the Internet at the same time, presented to the tested products simultaneously, using realistic attack vectors, and all security layers and countermeasures within a product are given the opportunity to block an attack sample. After completely evaluating Worry-Free Business Security defences, real-world testing has demonstrated that it provides a superior level of protection.


“With the growing diversity of operating systems among companies, as well as the growing use of mobile devices, SMBs face many of the same information security risks that large enterprises do. Designed for SMBs, Worry-Free is a cost-effective product that provides fast, effective, simple protection against viruses, cybercriminals and data loss, and it has consistently received positive feedback and been favored by our existing clients, so we are very pleased to come out on top in the real-world user environment. In fact, we have witnessed impressive double-digit sales growth in the Asia-Pacific market,” said Oscar Chang, Executive Vice-President, Asia-Pacific region, Trend Micro.


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