ADATA rolls out S396 SSD

ADATA rolls out S396 SSD

ADATA Technology has introduced the S396 Solid State Drive (SSD), providing a needed cost-effective entry solution to what is often seen by consumers as a high-priced component market.

After extended periods of use, many computers see a marked decrease in system speed. A common method seen to eliminate this problem is to upgrade the hard drive to a SSD. Because the method by which SSDs transfer data is entirely different from that of conventional hard drives, SSDs provide markedly higher speeds. In addition, SSDs have further advantages of low heat-discharge, low power-consumption, lightweight structure, and high impact resistance.

The S396 utilizes optimized firmware. In normal situations, 90% of computing tasks involve transfers of data packets 4KB in size. This means that the performance of 4KB file transmission plays a critical role in users’ experience. The S396 runs 44K IOPS of 4KB random write and 280/250 MB/s of sequential read and write.


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