Month: December 2011

RIM reveals Future Trends for 2012

RIM reveals Future Trends for 2012

According to a recent survey by Brand Wagon-Synovate best brands survey 2011, BlackBerry has been voted as the second-most aspirational brand in India. This success in India is the result of our enhanced focus on the consumer and enterprise segment to launch next- generation products and solutions for each of these segments.

Throughout the year, RIM celebrated its largest global launch ever with the launch of BlackBerry 7.0 smartphones, the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook and made great progress in the development of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0, and announced the next-generation mobile platform, BlackBerry 10.

Trends of 2012 reveal that tablet and smartphone sales are going to outrun PC and laptop sales.  More employees are going to come to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) party in the workplace, especially as smartphone prices tumble, the device itself bristles with 3D, HD, GPS, QR codes, gyros, accelerometres, gesture recognition, object recognition, augmented reality, visual search, four-core processors and what have you.

A Gartner forecast suggests that end-users will splurge $15.9 billion on the goodies in app stores in 2012. More importantly, the apps will drive secondary business in hardware sales and advertising spends. Which means app developers will sharpen their tools, and produce cutting- edge stuff for us to consume. We may not see a wild proliferation of NFC, but 2012 will be the year when consumers will taste the first fruits of NFC as mobile devices adopt the technology. Moreover, it was also revealed that 2012 will be the Year of the Mobile.


Xchanging Global Delivery Centre sets up in Solan

Xchanging Global Delivery Centre sets up in Solan

Xchanging has inaugurated a state-of-the-art processing centre in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, claiming it the first multi-national ITO/BPO Company to set up operations in the tier-3 town.

The centre, spread over an area of 5000 sq ft. is believed to support Xchanging’s vision to create a low carbon environment. The operations is said to begin with a capacity of 50 people, with an option to scale to a 200 seat centre by the end of 2012. As a global delivery centre, the new site is connected to all the other centres of Xchanging and is estimated to have capability in business processing, procurement, and ITO services including software development and testing. Xchanging has intended to collaborate with Academia in the region to recruit and provide industrial and soft skills training to young employable talent. The company has also announced that every year it will award local college and university students for academic excellence.

Akamai Technologies appoints Rachael Fitzpatrick

Akamai Technologies appoints Rachael Fitzpatrick

Akamai Technologies Pvt Ltd. has appointed Rachael Fitzpatrick as Human Resource (HR) Director for the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region.

Rachael is responsible for HR strategy and management, playing a key role in driving Akamai’s expansion strategy in the region. Based in Singapore, she reports to Linda Pettingell, Senior Director HR Business Partnering at Akamai.

Sanjay Singh, Sr. VP & GM, APJ Business, Akamai said, “Rachael plays a significant role in Akamai as we continue to build and strengthen the overall team in this diverse and fast-growing region. She comes with the right expertise to help ensure that we bring in and retain the best talents who are also best-fits for the company. She will also work closely with the APJ management as well as the global HR team to ensure that quality programs and localized practices are delivered to all employees here.”

Zebronics intros

Zebronics intros 

Top Notch Infotronix under the brand Zebronics has introduced its online store – is an eCommerce website offering a wide range of electronics items at value-for-money prices. Standard online shopping features like secure transactions, trusted brands, product warranty, transit insurance and replacement if damaged in transit, and multiple payment options through credit cards, debit cards and gift vouchers are said to be offered. Consumers can now browse and compare features of a range of Zebronics products as well as send their feedback. The website is simple and easy to navigate, and there are no hidden charges.


Rajesh Doshi, Director-Purchase & Marketing, Top Notch Infotronix said, “As Zebronics continues to grow its brand and customer base, we believe it is important to have one place for our customers to find very best devices and accessories to match their lifestyle and needs. At, end-consumers will be able to get a complete and comprehensive brand experience with full catalogue and technical information available online. We took the decision to establish the online store to help many first-time buyers as well as those who are acquainted with the Zebronics brand by enhancing our reach even to smaller markets across the country.”

Commtouch shares research of 2011 Facebook attacks

Commtouch shares research of 2011 Facebook attacks

Commtouch has published an in-depth research of 2011 Facebook attacks within its Internet Threats Trend Report, a year-end synopsis of Internet threats. The report and infographic is said to present an absolute analysis of scores of malicious Facebook activities during the past year, as identified by Commtouch Labs.

According to the report, Affiliate marketing sites are claimed to be the final destination in three-fourths of all Facebook deceptions. Visitors to these sites are induced to fill out surveys that generate affiliate payments for the scammers, victimizing legitimate businesses that pay affiliate fees. Users are said to be drafted to click on the scams through social engineering tactics such as free merchandise offers, celebrity news, new (fake) Facebook applications, or simply a trusted friend sending a message stating: “You have to see this!” After users first click on the scams, malware or malicious scripts are believed to be too blamed for the further spread of slightly over half the analyzed scams, with those falling into three main categories: likejacking, rogue applications, and malware or “self-XSS,” each of which is described in the report. In 48% of the cases, unwitting users themselves are responsible for distributing the undesirable content by clicking on “like” or “share” buttons.

The report also discusses Web threats, phishing, malware, and spam throughout the year besides Facebook threats. The content of the report is based on data from Commtouch’s GlobalView Network. The trend report is said to be describe the explosion of email-borne malware in the third quarter of 2011 to the highest levels observed in over two years, followed by its subsequent drop to earlier low levels during the fourth quarter. intros Online Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator intros Online Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator has launched an online home loan balance transfer calculator which instantly calculates how much one can save by switching his home loan. It is estimated that all one need to do is insert his existing home loan rate and prepayment charges and based on that it gives him the instant quote of four other bank rates and tells the person how much he can save. With prepayment charges being reduced to nil- the opportunity for the customer to save by changing the home loan bank is big.


It is believed that one can check how much he can save by transferring his existing loans to some other bank at lower rates with a simple calculation available in


Switch to save is said to be a phenomenon that is rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly as consumers search for ways to limit their spending during these financially challenging times. By accessing the Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator it is claimed that one can save in his hard earned money. Even a 1.0% reduction in the interest rate can save one’s more money than Rs.1.5 lakh on a loan of 10 lakh over a 20 yr period. This is very much simple as one just need make a few calculations and check out the difference.

Clingle, Red Bull Partners

Clingle, Red Bull Partners

Clingle, the geo-social mobile app that enables users to send location based personal messages with a picture or video has partnered with Red Bull to cater the latest updates from Sunburn Goa 2011.


Clingle is said to allow its users to send ‘Clings’ with texts and/ or pictures and/ or videos across people in their network to interactively capture check-in moments. The app was launched this year from the makers of MyCityWay and is already available to iOS, Android and Blackberry users.


Red Bull has joined hands with Clingle to bring spectators closer to the magic via their iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications. People at the Sunburn event or those seeking updates on the same are expected to get the Clingle app from iTunes app store, Android market or the Blackberry app world and follow Red Bull. Followers could avail themselves of the following benefits: Live updates of the event through interactive videos, audios and photos; and Tips on the most happening places and real time updates from various festival venues.


Users can add their friends and capture and share their festival experiences with Red Bull through ‘Clings’.