ArrayShield launches IDAS Authentication Platform

ArrayShield launches IDAS Authentication Platform

ArrayShield has launched a new version of its flagship IDAS Authentication Platform 2.0, the latest version of its authentication server. IDAS Platform has a RADIUS interface as well as the XML API, IDAS 2.0 allows developers and network professionals to integrate secure, pattern- based two factor authentication into any web-based application or RADIUS-enabled device.

The in-built RADIUS interface is said to allow IDAS to be integrated with all leading VPNs from providers like Sonicwall, Fortigate, Cisco, Juniper, Cyberoam, WatchGuard, Check Point, etc. to provide secure remote access to all its users.

Any web application either it is in-house developed or open-source can also is said to be seamlessly integrate with IDAS through the easy to configure XML API. The platform is claimed to be highly customizable based on security and business requirements of each enterprise.


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