eases pain of admission seekers, a part of Indian Angel Network’s Department of Science and Technology supported incubator, has created a unique algorithm that sorts information sought by a potential student seeing admission to a professional college. is believed to ease the pain of admission seekers by letting them find the most suitable professional college–engineering (B.Tech), management (MBA), medical (MBBS) and others across India.


IndiaCollegeSearch claims to offer continuously updated and detailed information on over 3000 professional colleges in India.  A proprietary web based toolset helps locate a set of programs with a stream in a chosen state or even a city out of a long list to match a student needs. Additionally, IndiaCollegeSearch’s tools help customize the list even further as per a fee band chosen by the student.


Anirudh Motwani, Founder said, “IndiaCollegeSearch is completely free for students, does not serve ads or sell student information to colleges. We plan to grow our user base from engineering students to those seeking admission to professional programs such as BBA, MBA, MCA, M. Tech, Law and Medical. We want to better our product and content to encourage repeat visitors.”

“By end 2012, we expect to see IndiaCollege Search emerge as the dominant online guide for students and partner for colleges, offering trends on students’ preferences. We expect to have a market-share that is bigger than most competitors,” Anirudh further stated.


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