NComputing leads Enterprise Client Device market in India

NComputing leads Enterprise Client Device market in India

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), NComputing is the largest provider of enterprise client devices in India. India is believed to be one of the world’s most prolific consumers of thin and terminal clients; and home to some of the world’s largest public and private virtual desktop deployments – most of which are based on NComputing technology.

Manish Sharma, Vice President -Asia Pacific, NComputing, Inc. said, “This latest IDC report reinforces NComputing’s position as the leader in the enterprise client devices market in India – which has been our fastest growing market. NComputing has redefined and revolutionized desktop computing.  We lead the market in innovation and solving the desktop computing needs of public, private and education customers throughout India.  We intend to expand the market still further through the introduction of new products, by growing our partner and channel base, and by increasing existing and new customer adoption.”

Manasi Yadav, Market Analyst, IDC Centre for Consultancy & Research said, “Desktop virtualization is now being adopted across all market sectors including education, government, manufacturing and healthcare. NComputing disrupted legacy economics and technology models to put high performance computing into the hands of business users and students at the lowest total cost possible. This is a key driver behind their market growth in India.”


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