Cyberoam busy with Channel Enablement!

Cyberoam busy with Channel Enablement!

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, has started its 6-city seminar on UTM Security for its partners. The seminar was first kicked off in Delhi, but it is yet to roll out in other cities, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. This seminar is based on the theme of “Securing You”.


Sunil Sharma, Vice-President – Sales, India & SAARC, Cyberoam, said, “The purpose is to roll out new incentive schemes and showcase its products. This forum provided hands-on experience to customers and demonstrated enterprise-class offering that drives productivity. Moreover, we have plans to cover all the other five cities by the end of March. The key takeaway of this seminar is to ensure that our partners get energized with our plans and at the same time partners can take their business to new heights.”


The company will be rolling out its partners incentive programme for the JFM quarter in the seminar, and will demonstrate new products development. Under the scheme, partners can push entry- and high-end products to make good margins. More than 100 partners from Delhi and NCR attended the event.


Continuing with their set mission, Cyberoam has also unveiled the 81st NetGenie Experience Zone in the country. “Setting up of demo zones is a part of our marketing investment to promote our products across all IT retail stores, so that we can attract walk-ins for NetGenie home routers,” informs Bishwajit Sutradhar, National Sales Manager – NetGenie, Elitecore Technologies (P) Ltd. These demo centres will act as a separate entity for their revenue in addition to their existing base of 700 master resellers.


Priya Communication will sell NetGenie devices as like any other retailer from this NetGenie store, which is seventeenth in Delhi & NCR region. “By the end of March, we will have a total of 100 demo centres across the country, including cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and Bengaluru”.


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