ASUS GTX 680 Graphics Card

ASUS GTX 680 Graphics Card

ASUS has launched the ASUS GTX 680 graphics card which offers 28nm GPU technology based on NVIDIA’s “Kepler” platform.

It features NVIDIA GPU Boost instant core frequency modulation between 1006MHz and 1058MHz. Exclusive ASUS GPU Tweak further improves overclocking and overvaulting with its intuitive interface, giving gamers real-time access to hardware resources. NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync intelligently manages vsync in games for smoother performance, while enhanced single-GPU NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic visuals are achieved in hundreds of games.

“The new ASUS GTX 680 graphics card ships with a 28nm NVIDIA GPU, enhanced by the exclusive ASUS GPU Tweak overclocking suite with its intuitive interface, and NVIDIA GPU Boost clock speed modulation. It offers gamers improved card tuning alongside smoother gaming through NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync technology. It also improves single-GPU NVIDIA 3D Vision in hundreds of PC games,” said Vinay Shetty, Country Head, Component Business, ASUS (India).


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