Oracle’s SPARC T4/Solaris Systems

Oracle's SPARC T4/Solaris Systems

Highlighting the rapidly-expanding demand for its SPARC servers, Oracle has shipped thousands of midrange SPARC T4 servers with Oracle Solaris. Oracle also outlined its strategy to accelerate its hardware business in India.


Mitesh Agarwal, CTO & Director – Systems Solution Consulting, Oracle India, said, “The Oracle SPARC T4 servers come with a 5X improvement in single thread performance, 1 TB of memory capacity and massive system throughput and I/O capacity, making it ideal for large-scale applications, enterprise-wide consolidation and database projects that require extreme reliability, availability and security. We are delighted to see the quick uptake of these systems in India. SPARC T4 servers with Oracle Solaris have emerged as one of the fastest ramping server products in Oracle history.


Moreover, as part of 3-tier strategy, on the one end, Oracle will continue to offer best-of-breed building blocks to address enterprise data center needs. On the other end of the spectrum, Oracle provides tightly integrated engineered systems to help customers achieve extreme levels of efficiencies, simplicity, and manageability. And lastly, Optimized Solutions sit in between, offering great flexibility and broader applicability.


Kapil Sood, Vice-President, Systems Business, Oracle India, said, “Traditionally, data centers were put together with building blocks of servers, storage, operating systems. Customers can continue to buy piece parts of these – Oracle Sun offers a wide range of best-of-breed server and storage products.  We also offer recommended configuration of systems – recipes, which can help them identify what components they need and how to optimize them to garner maximum benefit. Finally, customers can get unprecedented performance and efficiency with our breakthrough engineered systems.”


Oracle also recently unveiled the first general purpose engineered system – SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 – that combines the computing power of the new SPARC T4 processor, the performance and scalability of Oracle Solaris 11, the optimized database performance of Oracle Exadata storage, and the accelerated middleware processing of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.


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