InfoWatch reveals Annual Global Study

InfoWatch reveals Annual Global Study

InfoWatch has revealed that, in 2011, having compromised 223 million records, organizations spent more than $500 million on damage control following information leaks.

Throughout the investigated period, 801 incidents involving confidential data leaks were reported, an increase of 1% from the previous year. The proportion of accidental and intentional leaks was almost equal – 43% and 42%.

Commercial enterprises were, as before, most typical sources of confidential information leaks, at 45%. However, when compared to the previous year, their proportion decreased by 25%. The lion’s share of all incidents of data leaks involves personal data (92.4%). A large number of personal data leaks occur as a consequence of improper disposal of paper documents, or loss or theft of devices. As before, confidential information leaks through the Internet (webmail, chat, and publication of databases in open access account for 21.7% of all leak incidents), and through email (10.1%).

UK, USA and Canada are once again at the head for the number of leaks, as well as for the number of leaks per capita. For the most part, this is connected to the lawmakers of these countries, and well as an active interest in the mass media regarding corporate security and protection of personal data.


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