Serco appoints Tom Riall

Serco appoints Tom Riall

Serco has appointed Tom Riall as Chief Executive of its newly formed Global Services business.  Susir Kumar will take over as Executive Chairman of Serco’s Global Services Division. In his role as Chief Executive, Tom will be responsible for the running of the entire business and ensuring the long-term success and profitability of the Global Services Division.


Tom Riall, Chief Executive, Global Services Division, Serco said, “We have emerged as a new force in the business process outsourcing market worldwide. We have an outstanding management team in place and I look forward to making my contribution to further accelerate the growth of the business.”


Susir Kumar, Executive Chairman, Serco Global Services, said, “I offer my congratulations to Tom and also wish him well in his new role at the helm of Serco’s global BPO business. I look forward to working closely with Tom in my role as Chairman particularly in the areas of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Market Entry and Brand Building.”


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