‘Behtar Zindagi’ for Rural Rajasthan

Bharti Airtel has joined hands with Handygo Technologies Pvt. Ltd to launch ‘Behtar Zindagi’ – a mobile based service for farming and allied communities across Rajasthan. This service is believed to empower Airtel mobile customers (specifically across rural parts of the state) with the ability to use their mobile phones to receive comprehensive information and updates on a wide range of relevant topics including weather updates, mandi rates, live stocks, agriculture, fisheries, health, education and finance. The ‘Behtar Zindagi’ service is said to leverage the simple and easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) medium to communicate key information to subscribers, thus allowing them to leverage their mobile phones to plan their businesses and lead better lives.


Sudipto Chowdhury, CEO – Rajasthan, Bharti Airtel said, “With over 1.45 crore mobile customers – Bharti Airtel has the widest reach across Rajasthan, a large part of which comes from the rural parts of the state. Given this, we are well positioned to drive the role of the mobile platform as a key enabler and enricher of lives. The launch of ‘Behtar Zindagi’ is in line with Airtel’s continued efforts towards launching services that are innovative, relevant and affordable for our customers. Backed by the technology and content expertise of Handygo, we are confident that this unique service will deliver valuable insights for farming and allied communities across Rajasthan – thus furthering our ongoing efforts towards empowering the masses and enabling financial inclusion.”


Praveen Rajpal, CEO, Handygo Technologies, said, “At Handygo we want to empower the rural segment through partnership with government organizations and NGOs helping them to reap the benefits of mobile telephony reducing the dependency of rural masses on agents for most basic information related to Agriculture, Commodity Prices, and Weather Forecast, Information on Inland Fisheries, Livestock, Health, Rural Finance and Education. Behtar Zindagi is a strong tool which has and will revolutionize both the generation and the delivery of information anytime anywhere. We are delighted to work with Airtel to deliver end-to-end solutions through Behtar Zindagi in the field of m-banking, m-education, m-governance and others as well.”


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