SafeNet expands its Sentinel Portfolio

SafeNet expands its Sentinel Portfolio

SafeNet has announced enhancements to its Sentinel software monetization solution, Sentinel Cloud that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to easily license and monetize their on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions. SafeNet’s Sentinel technology aims to provide a dynamic “live” licensing back-end entitlement management system that maintains and reports licensing states.

Jake Fox, Vice-President, Product Management, SafeNet, commented, “This enhancement to the Sentinel portfolio was specifically designed for ISVs that are reaching for the cloud but not quite ready to make the full transition away from on-premise software. We know there are a lot of reasons why vendors can’t fully transition their software to the cloud – from legacy customers to legacy back-end systems and licensing models. We get that, and we have enhanced the Cross-Locking of our Sentinel portfolio specifically to help them seamlessly migrate all or a portion of their business to the cloud on a timetable that works best with their existing architecture and licensing models.”

“Many software developers are challenged with licensing policies that pre-date cloud. Rudimentary licensing controls and metrics that worked for on-premise software or in early ‘wildfire’ stages of SaaS growth – like per-user or per-month – may no longer work as cloud services scale. Having a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to developers’ delivery models and scale as they grow puts SafeNet in a unique position in the market,” said, Amy Konary, Research Vice-President, Software Licensing, Provisioning, and Delivery, IDC.


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