WatchGuard witnesses year over year growth

WatchGuard witnesses year over year growth

WatchGuard has announced that its Q1 billings have once again returned double-digit, year- over-year growth.

“The first quarter of 2012 was a record first quarter for WatchGuard, following up on a record year in 2011. Hackers continue to push the security envelope, which means businesses are constantly hardening their networks, applications and data. Additionally, regulatory pressures around the globe continue to push businesses to take stronger positions against data loss, all of which bodes well for WatchGuard and our channel partners,” said Mohit Puri, Country Manager, India & SAARC, WatchGuard Technologies.

In particular, the company notes five consecutive quarters of double-digit growth (averaging 15 per cent) from the company’s core UTM business, high customer retention rates, and 39-per cent year-over-year billings growth for its enterprise class, multifunction firewalls, which includes the XTM 8 series, XTM 1050 and state of the art, XTM 2050.

Barber concludes, “WatchGuard continues its pattern of significant growth. Because of our strong channel partners, solid product offerings and unbeatable customer value, 2012 appears to be on pace for another record-breaking year.”


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