Learning Gets Boost from Lenovo, Intel

Learning Gets Boost from Lenovo, Intel

In order to transform the learning experience in classrooms in India, Lenovo and Intel have introduced a new range of PCs – the Lenovo Classmate + and ThinkCentre TINY. These new PCs offer students, teachers and IT administrators with new features like greater spill resistance, affordability, battery life up to 10 hours and enhanced usability with Intel Learning Series software suite for using the e-reader, web camera and digital writing features.

Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director, Commercial Business Lenovo India, said, “The education industry worldwide as well as in India, is rapidly evolving to become more student-centric and this is an opportune time for solution providers to leverage this opportunity. By joining with Intel to create the new Lenovo Classmate+ laptops, we are demonstrating how mobile computing fits into any learning environment, no matter the location or budget. Our breakthrough desktop, ThinKCentre TINY, is ideal for behind-the-board implementation, has 40% less energy consumption and is just 1 litre in size.”

Michael de la Cruz, Senior Global Sales and Marketing Manager, World Ahead Education Team, Intel Corporation, said, “Intel and Lenovo share a commitment to improving the student experience around the world. As schools decide which technology will debut in their classrooms this fall, IT administrators and decision-makers can rely on the proven value of Intel Learning Series Software and Lenovo’s classroom-ready Classmate+ laptops and ThinkCentre TINY for the ideal learning experience.”

Lenovo and Intel also shared their solutions with key educational service providers in Delhi where they provided a perspective on the challenges, trends and usage models of the Indian education segment, while sharing the roadmap to address changing needs and opportunities in India today.


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