SSD Data Recovery Services propelled

SSD Data Recovery Services propelled

Stellar Data Recovery has announced availability of SSD (Solid State Drives) data recovery services. Stellar, with its extensive research, expertise and years of experience ensures quality, fast and cost-effective data recovery from severely damaged SSDs.


“SSDs are one of the most advanced data storage medium these days.  It is considered to be fast, safe and efficient. However, these can get severely corrupt due to their complex architecture and technology. Apart from human errors like accidental deletion or drive format, some common reasons of SSD data loss are corruption of controller chip, firmware issues, and chip damage due to overheating. Stellar’s SSD Data Recovery Services provides support for desktop and enterprise SSD devices and ensures recovery of every bit of lost data efficiently,” said Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.


Stellar in-house Research & Development team has made extensive research and analysis over various makes, models, brands of SSD devices to develop solid-state drive recovery tools and techniques to retrieve maximum data back from all available brand of troubled SSD with “shortest” turnaround time.


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