NetApp to transform IT with Data ONTAP

NetApp to transform IT with Data ONTAP

NetApp has announced a single integrated platform for an Agile Data Infrastructures that is built on essential attributes of Intelligent, Immortal and Infinite. NetApp, in collaboration with its partners, with a vision for the future, is paving a new way for customers to fundamentally architect and manage their data storage infrastructure differently to be more agile.


Building on years of storage efficiency and clustering innovation, new platform features, products, and technologies with the latest release of Data ONTAP software, enable IT to better respond to changing business requirements, maintain non-disruptive operations, and grow the business without limits.


Anil Valluri, President, NetApp India Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd., commented, “This is an exciting time for NetApp and its customers. We, along with our partners, are at the forefront of enabling IT transformation with Data ONTAP and help businesses scale far beyond today’s limits. Indian enterprises like any other across the globe are struggling with the pace, complexity and changing demands of a data-driven world. We are confident that the adoption of Agile Data Infrastructure will enable businesses to be faster and reliable, giving customers the competitive edge in data management in a tough and price-sensitive market.”


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