NBS launches “iRadioIndia”

NBS launches

NBS (Newzstreet Broadcast Services Private Limited) has launched “iRadioIndiia”. The web radio platform has been designed on an audio streaming technology by the NBS engineers.


With the launch of “iRadioIndia”, web listeners not only will access entertainment shows, songs and educational programmes of Community Radio stations but also allow listeners to listen NBS audio shows such as full-length Hindi Movie in audio, devotional discourses, regular news events and talk shows on current affairs.

Alok Verma, Editor-in-Chief, said, “We have received a good response to our web radio since we launched our pilot project with CEMCA last year. The response has so far been overwhelming as listeners from all parts of the world have already started listening the web radio.

M. Sidheswar, COO, NBS, said, “Online radio gives a listener much more freedom as its reach is global. Soon, the iRadioIndia website will also contain a lot of new features to help the listeners pick and select programmes of their choice for listening from the LIVE programmes.

iRadioIndia listeners will be able to log in to request a programme and can also chat LIVE on it. The web radio will also allow listeners to interact with other listeners on any relevant issue during the LIVE shows. In fact, educational institutions like NIOS and Yashwant Rao State Open University (YCMOU) have also started using the “iRadioIndia” platform to host interactive audio educational programmes for their students.”


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