Techcircle SAAS Forum 2012

Techcircle SAAS Forum 2012 is all set to organise its inaugural SAAS Forum 2012 on August 31 in Bangalore. The forum is said to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and other players in the SaaS ecosystem on a single platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges in building large scalable SaaS businesses from India.


The forum is also supposed to feature Techcircle Runway, a platform to showcase India’s top and emerging 10 SaaS based companies to watch out for, in 2012.


The event looks forward to Innovation and entrepreneurship in SaaS and how it overcomes barriers related to deployment, costs and utilisation of software; Attractive SaaS business models that can be scaled rapidly; Overcoming challenges in marketing and reaching out to a large marketplace; Is it better to begin with international market or the Indian market; How to sync various strategies on product, pricing, marketing and distribution; Sectors attractive for SaaS, including healthcare, hospitality, education, ERP, CRM and HRM ; and Pricing SaaS products: free or ‘freemium’ or blanket-premium pricing model.


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