ECS unveils a new world of entertainment

ECS unveils a new world of entertainment

ECS has introduced mobile widget that aims to connect all existing electronic and computer gadgets to unlock new capabilities.

The ECS Pocket Wi-Fi range includes three compact devices and can add Wi-Fi capability in almost any device, as long as it has a LAN network socket. Products in the Pocket Wi-Fi range can also provide an instant wireless network anywhere there is an internet connection.

The ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series includes two models, eZ Bun and eZ Bun bt, that comes with built-in microphone with 360° audio pickup coverage zone. Both versions of the ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series have a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that are portable for hassle-free use, and can be recharged easily by USB.

The eZ Bun designed for office use featuring noise cancellation and a sensitive microphone with a 3-metre radius coverage range, whereas the eZ Bun bt is designed for everyday life incorporating Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and acts as an enhanced music and sound playback source for various devices.


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