SAP to implement Startup Focus Program

SAP to implement Startup Focus Program 

SAP has announced its plan to implement the SAP Startup Focus program in India. Through the program, SAP will help Indian startup companies scale their business through the adoption and development of new applications on SAP HANA.


Offering startups the opportunity to create easy-to-access solutions to manage ‘big data’ in real-time with SAP HANA, the Startup Focus program aims to help unlock Indian entrepreneurs’ potential to drive economic growth and job creation.


“As the global economy recovers the future of innovation and promise of sustainable development largely relies on entrepreneurs and small businesses. We are excited to now cooperate and grow with Indian startups to leverage the breakthrough innovations of SAP HANA to tackle ‘big data’ challenges at the speed of light. The program is an exciting platform to not only support the development of startup businesses, but also, in turn, contribute to innovation in India and the country’s overall economic growth,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, Member, SAP Executive Board, Head of Technology & Innovation. 


SAP will work closely with its Venture Capital and Private Equity partners to identify and support qualifying startup companies in the program.


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