HP to secure Cloud Environment

HP to secure Cloud Environment 

HP has announced new virtualization software solutions that simplify, automate and secure the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments.


“Clients are seeking a more flexible virtualized environment that enables mobility of virtual machines and data services across the enterprise. HP’s unique virtualization technologies meet that need, helping clients to significantly increase their agility and innovate at a pace their organizations demand,” said Prakash Krishnamoorthy, Country Manager, HP Networking, India.


HP EVI Interconnect overlay technology that enables “single touch” connection of up to eight data centers around the world from one location. With HP MDC software, clients can create multiple, secure and isolated functions for organizational departments, while reducing the number of networking devices in the data center by 75 per cent. Combining HP EVI with HP MDC simplifies data-center interconnectivity while reducing total cost of ownership by 56 per cent with a single management platform.


“The ability to reduce distance limitation in networking and to simplify storage infrastructure is important for organizations using VMware vMotion in VMware vSphere. We are pleased to continue to partner with HP to enable our customers to address IT challenges with better resource utilization and optimization for workload mobility across data centers,” said Gary Green, Vice-President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware.


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