ZTE’s Multi-Mode Wireless Devices

ZTE's Multi-Mode Wireless Devices

ZTE has introduced MF820S2 and MF91S, the world’s first multi-standard USB modem and uFi which supports LTE FDD/LTE TDD/TD-SCDMA / EDGE.


He Shiyou, EVP & Head, Terminal Division, ZTE, said, “This is a transformational year for ZTE’s terminal business. We are catalyzing LTE development on the global stage through heralding new innovations in the LTE terminal market. The new MF820S2 and MF91S are clear demonstrations of ZTE’s leadership in LTE. Through continued investment in R&D, we hope to deliver even more cutting-edge products for ZTE’s end-to-end terminal suite.”


“ZTE continues to forge the development of the global telecommunications industry through pioneering technological breakthroughs. With the industry’s most comprehensive product range and solutions, covering virtually every telecommunications sector, ZTE is focussed on winning through innovation and continued investment in R&D,” he further remarked.


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