Month: March 2013

Cisco reduces its workforce by 500

Cisco reduces its workforce by 500

As a part of its global restructuring plan, the networking company Cisco has reportedly reduced its workforce by about 500 people.

According to a spokesperson from Cisco, “We routinely review our business to determine where we need to align investments based on growth opportunities. Cisco performed a limited restructuring that will impact less than 1 percent of our population globally. These actions are subject to local legal requirements, including consultation, where required.”

As a significant effect of the layoff, Cisco’s alliance with EMC and other data center business development initiatives are expected to be affected, sources informed.

Presently, Cisco’s workforce stands at about 73,000 people worldwide.Karen Tillman, a spokeswoman for the company said that the employees have already been notified….See More

Worldwide IT spending to touch $3.8 trillion benchmark by 2013

As per latest information, global IT spending is expected to reach to a total of $3.8 trillion by 2013 end, a 4.1% increase from 2012 spending of $3.6 trillion.

The report further revealed the information that the global devices spending is also expected to rise. According to an estimate, it is forecasted to reach $718 billion in 2013, up 7.9% from 2012. It’s worth noticing here that the devices spending includes the money spend on PCs, tablets, mobile phones and printers.

Richard Gordon, Managing Vice President at Gartner said, “Although the US did avoid the fiscal cliff, the subsequent sequestration, compounded by the rise of Cyprus’ debt burden, seems to have netted out any benefit, and the fragile business and consumer sentiment throughout much of the world continues. However, the new shocks are expected to be short-lived, and while they may cause some pauses in discretionary spending along the way, strategic IT initiatives will continue.”

As far as worldwide enterprise software spending is concerned, it is expected to reach $297 billion by 2013 end…..See More

Datamatics join hands with Dutch Adminfactory

Datamatics join hands with Dutch Adminfactory

Datamatics Global Services Ltd (DGSL) has announced its strategic partnership with Netherland-based Dutch Adminfactory. The partnership would aim to capitalize on the strengths of both companies in the F&A space with promising and large corporate based in the European region.

The partnership will provide a win-win proposition to the existing as well as prospective clients of Datamatics and Dutch Adminfactory to consolidate their admin processes within one umbrella, thereby eliminating the complexities associated with document and intensive manual processes.

Rahul Kanodia, CEO & Vice-Chairman, DGSL, said, “In a highly competitive world, we, at Datamatics, believe in the power of collaborative partnerships. In Dutch Adminfactory, we have found a company that shares our passion for excellence and innovation. The goal of our partnership is to offer credible solutions towards empowering senior managers in Finance departments of large corporates to think beyond non-core activities without compromising on quality. We also hope to establish our presence in newer markets in and adjoining the Netherlands.”

The partnership will seek to empower senior-level professionals in the Finance & Accounts departments of large…..See More

Canon India celebrates Earth Hour 2013

Canon India celebrates Earth Hour 2013

Canon(NYSE:CAJ) continues its journey in the eco-friendly revolution by extending its support to the WWF for Earth Hour which was observed worldwide from 08.30–09.30 PM on 23rd March, 2013. Committed to the cause of energy accumulation in the country, Canon India sent a strong message by signifying the need for clean, efficient and affordable energy.

As a part of this support and commitment, all employees at Canon India pledged to observe the Earth Hour. All lights at Canon’s offices and Canon Neon signage at international airports were switched off during this time.

Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India, said, “As a responsible business, Canon India takes pride in being socially inclined and focusses on sustained and effective CSR projects. It is an honour for us to support the global Earth Hour campaign as a part of our CSR initiative towards creating a healthy environment by saving electricity.”

“We have always encouraged our employees to volunteer time for CSR causes. The more support we get, the stronger voice we present for concern on our environment. Doing several small, environmental-friendly actions every day not only saves the environment, but also helps protect species and their habitats and peoples’ livelihoods in other parts of the world.

Such small steps can make a positive difference. Canon India believes in acting now and getting more people acting too,” Kobayashi further added……See More

Aircel and Nimbuzz team up to make App-Operator Ecosystem in J&K

Aircel and Nimbuzz team up to make App-Operator Ecosystem in J&K

Nimbuzz has announced its association with Aircel for making communications affordable on data in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). Aircel has launched a plan to promote the app ecosystem, with an offer to provide free data for all the subscribers in J&K which can be used anywhere in India over a period of 30 days. The objective is aimed at exploring the data-based communication behavioural pattern of J&K consumers.

Aircel has exclusively introduced the plan for prepaid subscribers of J&K where Aircel would send SMS to its subscriber base for downloading Nimbuzz from a fixed URL and 40MB data would be transferred to the users who would download the app and sign in within 24 hours of activation.

Vikas Saxena, CEO, Nimbuzz, said, “We have always been committed to the cause of taking mobile communication to every citizen in the country. We are thankful to Aircel for making an effort towards taking mobile communication to the masses with its newly launched Aircel-Nimbuzz data plan. We look forward to their continued support and we are confident that such initiatives will boost internet penetration in the country and bring an aggressive revenue stream for the mobile operators.”

Sundeep Talwar, Chief Operations Head, Aircel J&K, said, “Technology today has an intrinsic role to play in people’s life and it is really interesting to see the revolution in terms of using applications like Nimbuzz. Seeing the growth in data, we would like to have the first-mover advantage in partnering instant messaging platform to leverage this growing revenue stream.

Nimbuzz, with its user acceptability and reach, has become the priority partner for us in this new communication-based data plan and we are confident that this plan would not only gain preference in the market and would benefit the growing customers of Aircel in J&K…..See More

Cisco buys Cloud-Based Services Management Company

Cisco buys Cloud-Based Services Management Company

It seems the networking company, Cisco Systems(NASDAQ:CSCO), is planning yet another acquisition. As per the latest update, Cisco has announced its intention to purchaseSolveDirect, which is a Vienna-based privately-held company that focusses on cloud-delivered services management software and services.

It is reportedly said that the SolveDirect team will join the Cisco Services team, under the leadership of Mala Anand, Senior Vice-President, Cisco Services Platforms Group.

Mike Flannagan, Senior Director & General Manager, Integration Brokerage Technology Group, Cisco, said, “For the time being, the vast majority of interactions with external parties are manual. They are either making phone calls back and forth, or sending emails, or using each other’s web presence to provide updates on support issues. An automated electronic exchange of information is a lot more efficient. And that is effectively what SolveDirect does. It is a huge driver of operational efficiency that runs completely independent of any Cisco hardware or software solution.”

Financial terms of the agreement to acquire SolveDirect have not been disclosed……See More

Sandvine deploys Video Optimization Solutions

Sandvine has announced installation of more than 40 plug-and-play video optimization, parental control and content caching solutions with the leading vendors Mobixell, Netsweeper and PeerApp.  Sandvine has announced these partnerships over the past few years and has been engaged in deploying joint solutions in both fixed and mobile networks worldwide since that time.  Sandvine’s ecosystem offers a broad range of optimization solutions that enable communications service providers to scale cost-efficiently, realizing incremental value from their infrastructure investment.

Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch contains patented traffic classification and redirection technology that creates efficiencies by redirecting only relevant traffic, such as video or HTTP traffic to third-party optimizers. By reducing latency and improving the scalability of third-party solutions, Sandvine’s traffic redirection capabilities help operators effectively increase the quality of experience for their subscribers network-wide while reducing operating costs.

Don Bowman, CTO, Sandvine, said, “Our redirection technology provides clear efficiencies when partnered with third-party experts. For example, the Sandvine-Mobixell and Sandvine-Netsweeper partnerships reduce the number of servers CSPs need to deliver video and filter content, and Sandvine solves the network inconsistency of triangle routing or asymmetry, which helps PeerApp deliver video and other content more efficiently.”

Sandvine has deployed content caching from PeerApp to store the popular Internet content and then deliver it from the operator’s network. Parental control provided from Netsweeper will enable to deliver web filtering……See More