Bentley acquires DocQnet Systems’ eB Services Biz

Bentley acquires DocQnet Systems' eB Services Biz

Bentley has reportedly acquired the eB services business of DocQnet Systems International, a Woodmead, South Africa-based services organization focussed on project and asset information management solutions. It also announced that 10 of DocQnet’s highly skilled and experienced consultants have joined Bentley’s extensive Global Professional Services team dedicated to meeting the demands of Bentley users employing eB-based products and solutions worldwide.

With its acquisition and staff addition, Bentley has increased its capacity to provide professional services to its eB users in South Africa and elsewhere. eB is a pervasive enabler for information mobility acrossBentley’s AssetWise infrastructure asset management software and services and ProjectWise system of collaboration servers and services for infrastructure projects.

Al Gray, Bentley Vice-President, Asset Lifecycle Information Management Services, “On behalf of my colleagues at Bentley, I welcome our new services team members from DocQnet Systems, including DocQnet’s former executive director, Cobus Rossouw. Each has in-depth knowledge of not only our eB-based offerings, but also of ProjectWise. At the same time, they bring a thorough understanding of local engineering requirements and best practices in South Africa. The addition of their world-class capabilities to our Global Professional Services team will help us address the rapidly-growing demand for services provided by our eB Information Manager of relationships and changes……See More


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