Delhiites get a chance to suggest on free Wi-Fi implementation


To fulfill the major promise made during the Delhi Elections to provide free Wi-Fi in Delhi, AAP has now framed a set of 10 questions to get suggestions from the public before going ahead in the implementation the project.

The government has asked people of Delhi to send their suggestions to define public Wi-Fi with a set of case studies from across the world, a 200-word feedback through a WhatsApp helpline number, +919643327265, or through an email.

The Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC), an advisory body of AAP government chaired by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, has set the questions and has asked the respondents to consider the feasibility of the project and the technological challenges involved. The commission has also asked people about the essential services that a government should provide through public Wi-Fi, the kind of model that makes public Wi-Fi viable, sustainable and scalable in terms of usage, technology and financials, and if the same can be made financially self-sustainable from the welfare service perspective alone. See more 


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