Fujitsu M10 Servers and Oracle Solaris 11.2 accelerate Datacenter Transformation

Fujitsu M10 servers running Oracle Solaris 11.2, a fully-integrated enterprise OpenStack distribution, are an ideal match for today’s IT requirements. The combination of the mission-critical strength of Oracle Solaris and its integration of OpenStack open-source cloud software enables IT leaders to build efficient, compliant, secure, open and affordable clouds and allows cloud and legacy applications to coexist on a single system, to easily transition data center infrastructures to on-premise/hybrid cloud models.
According to Alex Lam, Vice-President of Enterprise Products Business  Fujitsu America, Inc., “Few datacenters in the U.S. are truly greenfield, meaning the majority of data centers are required to support mission-critical legacy workloads, while at the same time supporting the development and deployment of new applications for the cloud. Fujitsu M10 servers with Oracle Solaris offer a powerful solution to help IT leaders transition their datacenters to the cloud, while maintaining critical SLAs around performance and mission-critical capabilities.See more

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