Lenovo strengthens relationship with Partners by introducing DRS 2.0


Lenovo has announced the introduction of Deal Registration System (DRS) – DRS 2.0, an easy-to-use platform that builds a direct online connection between Lenovo and its commercial business partners. This initiative aims to equip the partners with updated information, provide exclusivity and reduce the turnaround time from client identification to the closure of business.

DSR 2.0 is a free platform and can be accessed on any web browser and mobile handsets. The platform builds on the first version of the platform DSR 1.0 that was launched last year and adds several features that not only increase functionality, speed and transparency but also provide a lag-free engagement. Once registered on to the platform, a partner can avail a plethora of benefits from best deals on a prospective client, streamline the process by exclusively locking in the client with Lenovo and have free access to CRM solutions.

Nitin Garg, Channel Head, Commercial Business Segment, Lenovo India, said, “We, at Lenovo, are strongly committed to our partners and strive towards strengthening our relationship with them. DRS 2.0 is yet another endeavour from Lenovo to ensure its partners receive the best possible opportunity. With this launch, we not only make our engagement with our partners seamless but also empower them and provide them with a tangible edge in their business.”
DSR 2.0 provides three distinct benefits to partners once they register onto the platform. See more 


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