Lapcare Launches Bluetooth Headphone


Lapcare has announced the launch of its unique, Bluetooth headphone under the Lapcare ‘YO!’ lifestyle series – the LBH208. Upping the style quotient, the funky LBH 208 headphone is foldable, making it easy to carry around, anywhere. The headband offers an excellent and comfortable grip.

Commenting on the launch, Atul Gupta, Managing Director, Lapcare, said, “At Lapcare we constantly strive to transform and better the lives of our customers through carefully designed products. Everyday life requires making/attending frequent calls or listening to music during leisure time, while still on the move. This demands products which are both easy to carry and comfortable to use. The all new LapcareYO LBH 208 packs comfort, ease and style. It’s also a smart accessory that offers stand by time of Upto 500 hours, thanks to its built in smart power saving technology. We are certain that it will resonate well with our customers.”


Manish Paul, the brand ambassador for Lapcare added, “Acting involves a lot of travelling. So, I relax with my Lapcare YO LBH 208. Being foldable it’s convenient to carry around and the headband just fits right. The sound clarity is also amazing and lasts long due to its smart power saving technology. It’s a must carry accessory for me everywhere.”  See more

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