Wipro sees GoI’s policy on Open-Source Software as an opportunity


Wipro has announced that it is observing significant opportunities to participate in the Government of India’s drive to encourage adoption and use of open-source software.

“The Government of India’s policy on open-source adoption is a critical step towards building a digitally-empowered society. There is little doubt this initiative will usher in greater efficiency, transparency and reliability in India’s technology infrastructure, besides creating significant employment opportunities over the medium to long term,” said T. K. Kurien, Chief Executive Officer & Member of the Board, Wipro Ltd.

The rapidly-increasing pace of adoption of open-source software and methodologies led by advancements in analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) has catapulted open-source into a core technology asset for enterprises across the globe.

Wipro has identified open source as a core technology initiative and the company’s investments in building a large cadre of skilled personnel, including world-class open-source industry veterans and community experts, is beginning to reap dividends as reflected by the increasing customer interest.

Wipro’s open-source practice offers a range of consulting services to clients, including government agencies, looking to adopt open source in their technology landscape. The services encompass developing and implementing open-source policies and processes, advisory and strategy consulting, roadmap development, integration, community engagement, legacy migration, governance, risk mitigation and support… See more 


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