VMware helps Enterprise adopt Cloud-Native Applications with new OPEN-Source Projects


To accelerate enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications, VMware has announced two new open-source projects – Project Lightwave, an identity and access management project that will extend enterprise-scale and security to cloud-native applications, and Project Photon, a lightweight Linux operating system optimized for cloud-native applications.

These new open-source projects will integrate into VMware’s unified platform for the hybrid cloud – creating a consistent environment across the private and public cloud to support cloud-native and traditional applications. By open-sourcing these projects, VMware will work with a broad ecosystem of partners and the developer community to drive common standards, security and interoperability within the cloud-native application market, leading to improved technology and greater customer’s choice.

“Through these projects VMware will deliver on its promise of support for any application in the enterprise – including cloud-native applications – by extending our unified platform with Project Lightwave and Project Photon. Used together, these new open-source projects will provide enterprises with the best of both worlds. Developers benefit from the portability and speed of containerized applications, while IT operations teams can maintain the security and performance required in today’s business environment,” said Kit Colbert, Vice-President & Chief Technology Officer for Cloud-Native Applications, VMware, Inc.

See more at: http://www.varindia.com/vmware-helps-enterprise-adopt-cloud-native-applications-with-new-open-source-projects/


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