Manipal University and Tata Power Solar introduce SERVe


Tata Power Solar and Manipal Institute of Technology have rolled out SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle). It is the first time when a university is exploring commercial viability of a solar-powered vehicle. It has been designed by 27 students of the solar mobile team with the aim for commercial usage. The vehicle is custom-fit with bespoke solar panels designed by Tata Power Solar.

SERVe is the perfect showcase of an industry academia effort which helps in increasing the role of solar innovation in green mobility. Its objective is proliferation of eco-vehicles.

It is a four-wheeled prototype which runs solely on solar energy. Weighing 590 kgs, this two-seater solar car can reach up to 60 kmph with a cruising speed of 30 kmph.

Dr P. Giridhar Kini, Associate Director, Manipal University, said, “We are extremely happy to see how our students have combined their passion for green energy, through the launch of SERVe. Industry-academia collaboration is the key to foster innovation among the student community. Hence, working with corporates like Tata Power Solar has helped our students in getting technical support and knowledge transfer. The team looks forward to working with more companies for future projects and to continue to nurture student-level innovation.”

Ashish Khanna, ED & CEO, Tata Power Solar, said, “We are pleased to be part of this project driven by a talented student team. This project epitomizes Tata Power Solar’s belief that fostering innovation is the key for the proliferation of solar energy. We not only encourage innovation within our organization but also propagate universities participation for this cause, since they can play an important role in driving innovation in partnership with the industry.”See more


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