Huawei eyes big time on Indian Enterprise Market, launches new Storage offerings


Huawei has unveiled its OceanStor 5300, 5500, 5600 and 5800 V3 mid-range storage systems (also referred to as the V3 mid-range storage systems). The unveiling of the solution was carried out in the presence of esteemed partners such as Intel and Nextra, while the launch event was graced with the presence of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, with whom Huawei has recently extended its partnership for three years.
Speaking at the launch, Derek Hao, Vice-President, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, South East Asia, said, “Huawei has developed a versatile range of storage solutions, generating its own unique competitive advantages and leaving its mark on the global storage market. Reinforcing our intent to deliver more and better in this region, we are delighted to unveil the OceanStor V3 storage solution in the esteemed presence of our global partners, who strive to deliver Huawei’s technological innovation as they cater to the right needs for the right customers.”

Adding to this, Sameer Rawal, Vice-President, Huawei Enterprise Business Group in India, said, “In the background of the consistent customer-centric innovation taking place at Huawei, we are proud to present the V3 mid-range storage systems – the next-generation unified storage solutions, designed keeping in mind the requirements for enterprise-class applications. With V3 storage solutions, we bring the value proposition of helping customers build business-driven, on-demand and cloud-oriented storage services.” See more 


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