Vision Solutions teams up with Olive Data Center


Olive Data Center has announced a partnership with Vision Solutions. This relationship enhances both Olive Data Center and Vision Solutions’ position in the industry, while significantly expanding Olive Data Center’s reach in Malaysia, the Philippines, Middle East, India and other key, high-growth MARKETS. Under the terms of the agreement, Olive Data Center will distribute and provide technical support to Vision Solutions’ Double-Take products in India and selective countries in the Middle East and Africa. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation by maximizing the product development talents and resources at both companies, while driving scale and efficiency in the partners’ respective supply markets.

“Olive Data Center was chosen as the support service partner for India and selective countries in the Middle East region for its ability to reach different channel segments – system integrators, resellers or corporate resellers. Vision Solutions is confident that this partnership will enable them to enhance their global footprint, as well as sustain their worldwide position as a premier provider of IT software solutions,” commented Mike Khattab, Vice-President – Sales, Growth MARKET, Vision Solutions.

“Vision Solutions is a great addition to our enterprise technology solutions portfolio. We look forward to collaborating with Vision Solutions to offer our customers some of the next-generation technology that lead the MARKET. High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR) and Data Migration are some of the critical aspects that impact business growth,” said Pravin Mohite, CEO, Olive Data Center Private Ltd… See more


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