Verizon Announces SDN Strategy

verizon2Verizon, having worked closely with a number of its key technology partners – Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper Networks and Nokia has announced that it is transforming its network by implementing a software-defined network architecture, laying the groundwork for new innovative services and applications. This SDN-based architecture is designed to introduce new operational efficiencies and allow for the enablement of rapid and flexible service delivery to Verizon’s customers. SDN is a new approach to designing, building and managing communications networks.

SDN enables network programmability by leveraging a centralized controller and orchestrator to programme network flows.

To enable its network vision, Verizon and its technology vendors have co-authored a comprehensive SDN Network Architecture document, which includes all interface specifications and reference architectures plus requirements for both control layer and forwarding box functions. This network architecture document will enable Verizon’s key technology partners to develop solutions to achieve the business and technical benefits of an SDN-enabled network… See more


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