Juniper organizes Partner Summit 2015 in Jaipur


Juniper Networks has hosted the Juniper India Partner Summit 2015 in Jaipur. The three-day event kicked off on the 15th of April. This exclusive event showcased how Juniper’s accelerating market innovation, helps drive growth and profitability for partners and ensures a win-win relationship for both sides. The event attracted renowned speakers from the industry, covering more than 30 topics across five key areas. Besides nominees from Juniper Networks, representatives from partner organizations and providers of cloud-based marketing platforms took part in the event.

The conference also facilitated a lot of cross-platform and enterprise dialogue, and also built closer relationships between the attendees. The event also allowed extensive insight that allowed partners to see with greater clarity the larger picture comprising of industry-specific innovations and dialogue. It enabled different players to come together, discuss, debate and re-envision a larger dynamic and integrated network. This process was actualized through the various sessions on a wide array of topics that were part of the conference.

The keynote session by Ashish Dhawan, Managing Director – India and South Asia, Juniper Networks, set the tone for the event on the opening day by tracing the emergence of the platform-oriented business model and its influences and implications on the technology industry at large.

Sajan Paul, Director, Systems Engineering, Juniper Networks, focussed on the innovations that enabled a more connected world and traced Juniper’s role in this evolutionary process. He highlighted key strategic imperatives and also commented on service-oriented model taken by Juniper.
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